Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing of students is integral to our commitment to the development of the whole girl. St George Girls provides a harmonious environment which is accepting and supportive of students from a variety of socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. The curriculum within each key learning area encourages students to be proud of their heritage and accepting of other cultures. The culture at St George Girls is marked by respectful relationships, with each individual taking responsibility for her own actions. Many activities within the school foster civic responsibility and give students the opportunity to contribute to their local community and wider society.

Recognition and celebration of student achievement in all curriculum and co-curricular areas of school contributes to student wellbeing. This recognition of student achievement and participation occurs at our annual speech day and through regular acknowledgement at school assemblies and the presentation of merit, participation and school service awards. Exemplary school service is acknowledged through the presentation of Dragon Badges.

The wellbeing team plan and organise activities and programs that empower our students with a positive attitude to life and the challenges of adolescents in today’s society. The student welfare team consists of the head teacher wellbeing, year advisers, deputy principals and the school counsellor. The wellbeing team meets regularly to communicate and actively work to support families with any concerns or situations. Staff work closely with parents and caregivers to ensure the wellbeing of each student.

Our wellbeing policy aims to provide effective learning within a secure and supportive environment. There is a strong school-wide commitment to ensure that, for all students, school is a happy, positive and fulfilling experience. The school has high, clearly stated expectations of students articulated in all school policies including the school’s code of conduct policy, anti bullying policy, multicultural education policy, information and communication technologies policy.  All policies are available to parents upon request.