For Students

Absence from School including Lateness and Early Leave

A note of explanation must be placed in the box outside the office of the Head Teacher Student Welfare on the day of your return to school. If you are likely to be absent for more than three school days, ask your parents to ring the school. The school is required to send out a notification after three days of unexplained absences. Such notifications will be sent out for shorter absences if no explanation is received by the school. The number of absences (whole day and partial) is recorded on your school report and any absence not explained is recorded as an Unexplained Absence.

All notes should clearly show:

1. Name and Roll Class of student

2. Day(s) absent and a reason for each absence. 

If you are planning to be absent from school for an extended period of time, for example, an overseas holiday, you are asked to apply for leave by bringing a letter from your parents to the Principal requesting permission. 

Lateness is regarded as a partial absence from school and is reported as such on school reports. If you are late you must report to the front office with a note, signed by a parent/guardian, explaining your lateness. If your lateness is result of unforeseen circumstances a note must be brought in on a following day or else the partial absence is reported as unexplained. Students are given a late pass which they must present to the class teacher when they get to class. The teacher will retain the pass. 

Early Leave applications require that a note be brought from home explaining the reason for early leave, the requested time of departure and the destination. Notes must also clearly indicate your name and roll class. All notes are to be signed by one of the Deputy Principals or the Head Teacher Student Welfare before being placed in the box outside the Front Office. This should be completed BEFORE SCHOOL. When your early leave request has been processed, a red early leaver form is placed in the roll and is issued to you during roll call. The red early leave note is shown to the class teacher when you leave school. 

Award System

Certificates of Merit will be given by class teachers for outstanding performance of students in class. Six (6) Merit Certificates may be exchanged for a Principal’s Certificate, and six (6) Principal’s Certificates may be exchanged for a Principal’s Gold Certificate.  School Service Certificates are awarded to students who contribute towards the school community in activities such as helping at a school athletics carnival. Three (3) School Service Certificates may be exchanged for a School Dragon Badge. 

Any certificates for exchange should be given to your Year Adviser.


The school has a canteen for students and staff which is leased to a private operator. Students should place lunch orders with the canteen before school and collect them at lunchtime. The canteen is open for sales before school, recess and lunch. Seniors only may access the canteen at other times if they do not have a scheduled lesson.

Change of Address

It is very important that the school is notified of changes in telephone numbers and addresses, including parent/guardian business numbers, and an emergency contact. You will not be allowed home when ill unless permission is obtained by telephone from a parent/guardian. Contact numbers are particularly important in the case of an emergency.  

Code of Conduct

Every student has the right to feel safe, to be treated with respect and courtesy, to express her opinions in appropriate situations and to participate fully in the educational opportunities provided by the School. With these rights comes the responsibility of each student to respect and value herself, to respect the rights of others whether they are members of the School or of the wider community and to represent the School at all times in the best possible way.

  • The Code of Conduct is designed to encourage students to:
  • ensure they are fully prepared for each lessons by completing all required homework and brining with them the correct books, equipment or clothing; 
  • wear the correct school uniform and take pride in their appearance; 
  • be concerned about their working environment and keep classrooms and playgrounds neat and clean; 
  • take pride in school property and maintain in good condition; behave appropriately in public and display courtesy and consideration to others on public transport. 


The school has a counsellor who is specially trained to help all children with problems they may be having or to help them to get information they might need. Students might see the Counsellor about:

  • academic problems, for example, helping to make a study plan 
  • personal problems, for example, not getting on with friends, parents, teachers. 

The Counsellor's Office is next to Room 24. The counsellor can be contacted through the school on any day in an emergency. 


As a part of the General School Contributions, each student is provided with a personal locker. These lockers are to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Food is not to be left in lockers for an extended period of time. Students are permitted to use their lockers from between 8.42 and 8.47 am and for the first five minutes of recess and lunch and for five minutes after school ends. They are not permitted to enter classrooms to gain entry to lockers at any other times. If a locker key is left a home, a charge of $1.00 will be made to have the locker opened. A charge of $5.00 for a replacement key is applicable if a key is lost.

Lost Property

  • Make sure that your name is on all your belongings. 
  • Do not bring valuables or large amounts of cash to school. 
  • Students should ensure that they have a purse or wallet which is small enough to ft into the pocket of their school uniform. 
  • Do not leave your wallet in your bag unattended. 
  • If you have lost an item, retrace your steps and try to remember where you left it. Check at the Front Office to see if it has been handed in. 

Mobile Phones

Students in possession of a mobile phone are not to have the phone switched on in lesson time. If a lesson is disturbed by the ringing of a phone the teacher will place the phone with one of the Deputy Principals for the remainder of the day.

Non-Participation in Sport

Students who cannot do sport due to illness or injury must bring a note from their parent(s) explaining the reason. This note must be left in the appropriate pigeonhole outside the PD/Health/PE staffroom at least one period before the commencement of sport. Students who are not able to participate for periods extending beyond three weeks must present a doctor’s certificate. Students not participating must nevertheless attend the sport and assist with other duties, such as scoring or umpiring.

School Song

Let our voices mingle in the chorus,
Tell the world of battles fought and won, 
Valiant and bold, St. George of old
Left a story well begun, 
for loyal hearts to still uphold,
Let there be no fear.
St. George Girls High School takes its heritage,
Nor will disgrace its page.

St. George, St. George, we'll hoist the banner high!
St. George, St. George, we'll vaunt it in the sky!
Proudly let it flutter, discerned by every eye
O’er the grand old school of St George.

Fling the pen aside and don the jacket!
Always first and foremost in the field; 
Cry “red and white”, trust God and right,
Play to win and ne’er to yield.
In sport we’ll prove St George’s might, 
Let who will oppose us.
St. George girls ever ever will be there,
St. Georgians will be there.

St. George, St. George, run up the red and white!
St. George, St. George, in chorus “God and Right”.
In the field and classroom, St. George will win the fight;
Trust the jolly girls of St George. 

Sickness or Injury

Any student who is sick or injured should report to the Front Office for assistance. No student is to report directly to the Clinic without being registered by the Front Office. Generally, your stay in the Clinic will be for as short a time as possible. If you are not feeling well enough to return to class, your parents will be contacted to arrange for you to go home.


The school yearbook is published in fourth term each year and can be ordered at the same time as contributions are paid. Students are encouraged to contribute articles to the yearbook which includes photographs of students, reports on interesting activities, interviews with personalities and lots of ideas from students.