Visual Arts

Visual Arts Curriculum

This faculty seeks to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the visual arts by providing students with a range of classes, exhibitions, excursions, sculpture, photography, graphic and computer generated art. Visual Arts involves students in the practices of art criticism and art history, related to their own art-making.

Years 7 - 10 (Stages 4 and 5) 

Visual Arts

In this course students make personal investigations of subjects, experience a range of media and examine a variety of related art images and objects.

Areas studied are:

  • People – self, family and friends
  • Places – school, camp, home environments, suburban and city environments
  • Objects – from the immediate environment, natural and man made
  • Other Living Things – animals, sea life, imaginary creatures
  • Events - social, cultural and political

Forms included are: 

Drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography and computer generated images. 

Years 11 - 12 (Stage 6) 

Visual Arts 

The preliminary course offers broad based experiences in Visual Arts and the HSC course has a more sustained, independent and interpretative focus. Visual Arts involves students in the practices of art making, art criticism and art history. Students develop their own artworks, culminating in a ‘body of work’ in the HSC course that reflects student knowledge and understanding about the practice and which demonstrates their ability to resolve a conceptually strong work. Students critically and historically investigate artworks, critics and historians from Australia as well as those from other cultures, traditions and times.

Visual Design

This is a 1 Unit course offered in Year 11.

The Visual Design course encourages students to explore the practices of graphic, wearable, product and interior/exterior designers in contemporary society and promotes imaginative and innovative approaches to design within the context of the Australian international environment.


This is a 1 Unit course offered in Year 11. 

The course encourages students to develop skills through the acquisition of the techniques of photography. Students will gain an understanding of careers involving photography and use photography as a means of visual communication and a process to aid observation and analysis. 


This is a 1 Unit course offered in Year 11. 

This course encourages students to explore ideas about themselves and their world. It informs students about the history of philosophy and encourages critical thought and reflection. It develops skills in logical and critical thinking as well as research.