Music Curriculum


The Music Faculty offers courses across Year 7-12. A broad tutorial program is available to all students and the department provides a wide range of extra-curricular performance ensemble opportunities. The faculty promotes involvement in an eclectic range of musical styles, allowing students from a wide range of abilities to experience the joy of music through compositions, research and performance.  

Years 7 - 10 (Stages 4 and 5) 

The mandatory course is offered in Year 7 with specific performance areas targeted in keyboard and guitar. Composition is introduced and developed throughout the year.

The additional study course is offered in Years 8 - 10 and provides a solid foundation for the preliminary and HSC courses.

Years 11 - 12 (Stage 6)

Music 2 is offered as a preliminary course in Year 11 and as a HSC course in Year 12. The Music Extension course is available in Year 12.