Mathematics Curriculum

The Mathematics faculty encourages students to achieve at a high level in a supportive, academic environment. Students are challenged through enrichment material, group work, class discussions and research. Technology is an integral part of the Mathematics classroom and its use is further encouraged through computer assignments and research.  

Years 7 - 8 (Stage 4) 

In the Mathematics module in this stage there is an emphasis on working mathematically. 

Years 9 - 10 (Stage 5)

In Year 9 all students study the advanced mathematics course. In Year 10, while all students usually study the advanced Mathematics course, a small number may study at a more appropriate level.  

Years 11 (Stage 6) 

In Year 11 students may study

  • General Mathematics 
  • Mathematics (2 unit) 
  • Mathematics Extension 1 

Year 12 (Stage 6) 

In Year 12 students may study:

  • General Mathematics 
  • Mathematics (2 unit) 
  • Mathematics Extension 1 
  • Mathematics Extension 2 

Approximately thirty per cent of our Year 12 students study Mathematics at Extension 2 level.

Over the years, some of our students have accepted invitations to attend the highly prestigious National Mathematics Summer School in Canberra.