Languages Curriculum

At St George Girls High School we offer three languages to suit the diverse gifts and interests of our students. Students have the opportunity to study an Asian or European language (Japanese or French) as well as an Ancient language (Latin). Studying a language helps students to develop important communication, independent learning and higher order thinking skills, which are essential for success throughout high school, university and into the workforce beyond. The languages program at St George Girls High School, aims to provide students with an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience as we explore foreign languages and cultures in a rich and rewarding learning environment. In recent years St George has also begun to develop a program of overseas tours, in order to offer our students the opportunity to engage with their language learning in authentic contexts.

Years 7-8 (Stage 4)

Year 7 students are given a ‘taste’ of French, Japanese and Latin, developing the basic skills of language learning (listening and speaking, reading and writing) across all three languages. In Year 8, students study at least one language as part of their elective choices (a board of Studies requirement), and have the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of their chosen language(s).

Years 9-10 (Stage 5)

Students can elect to continue their language studies in Years 9 and 10. The Stage 5 courses build on the content of the Stage 4 courses and allow students to develop deeper knowledge and understanding of their chosen language(s). The Stage 5 programs also focus on integrating technology into language learning, incorporating the use of DER laptops, Interactive Whiteboards and the School’s intranet.

Years 11-12 (Stage 6)

Preliminary (year 11), Continuers and Extension (year 12) courses are offered in French, Japanese and Latin. Beginners French is also offered in years 11 and 12. The HSC courses are intellectually rigorous and require students to engage with a variety of texts (from newspaper to novel, film to philosophy) at the highest level. The courses are challenging, but immensely rewarding; our students routinely receive outstanding results at the HSC, but more importantly develop a fluency in their language, a love for the culture and a range of communication skills which stay with them well beyond their high school years.