English Curriculum

The English Faculty offers all English courses as well as Drama as an elective course in Years 8 - 12 

English Courses for Years 7 - 10 (Stage 4 and 5)

This English course at St George Girls High School gives students the opportunity to read critically, and respond imaginatively and analytically to a range of texts. Students study a range of texts such as fiction, drama, poetry, film, multi-media and media.

Students engage in the close reading of texts and wide reading of a range of different kinds of texts. Students explore texts through a balance of listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing.

English Courses for Years 11 - 12 (Stage 6)

English Preliminary Advanced

The Advanced English course gives students the opportunity to explore the ways events, experiences, ideas, values and processes are represented in and through texts and analyse the ways in which texts reflect different attitudes and values.

English Preliminary Extension

This is a highly popular course in the senior school. The course gives students the opportunity to explore how and why texts are valued in, and appropriated into, a range of contexts and considers why some texts may be perceived as culturally significant.

HSC English Standard

In this course students reflect on and demonstrate the effectiveness of texts for different audiences and purposes.

HSC English Advanced

Students analyse and evaluate texts and the ways they are valued in their contexts.

HSC English Extension I

Students explore ideas of value and consider how cultural values and systems of valuation arise.

HSC English Extension II

This course gives students the opportunity to develop an extended composition and document and reflect on this process. Students develop a Major Work through independent but guided investigation in a chosen area