Winter Uniform and the Uniform Shop Operations

Students are able to wear either their summer or winter uniform to school on their designated attendance day. Once school operations return to normal, the school will transition to the wearing of full winter uniform. If students do not wear the correct uniform, normal school procedures for obtaining a uniform pass or infringement must be followed.

At this stage, the Uniform Shop will be open on Wednesday afternoon for pick-up of orders which have been placed and paid for online. Orders must be placed and paid for by Tuesday night in order to be picked up on Wednesday between 1pm and 3:30pm. Since not all students will be at school on Wednesdays, orders not picked up on a Wednesday will be left at the front office for pick up. (Orders placed after Tuesday night will not be available until Wednesday of the following week.)

The link to the Junior Uniform order form is provided below.


School Uniform Policy St George Girls High School

General Requirements

1. All items of uniform must be regulation St George Girls High School.
2. No jewellery other than watches, ear studs or Dragon or School Badges is to be worn.

3. Uniforms are to be of a reasonable length and no shorter than 10cm above the knee when the student is kneeling.

4. Makeup is not permitted in the junior school. Senior students may, if they wish wear light makeup and pale nail polish.
5. Hijab, if worn, must be plain white or navy.
6. Hair ribbons and elastics, if worn, are to be red, white and/or navy.
7. School backpacks may be purchased through the uniform shop.
8. Neck scarves in Winter must be red, white or navy blue.
9. Black leather lace up school shoes only.

10. White plain over ankle length socks in Summer.

11. White plain over ankle length socks or beige, navy or black tights in Winter.

12. The navy coat may be worn over the school jumper in extremely cold weather.

13. Black jumpers, cardigans or hoodies are not permitted.

14. Sports Jackets may be worn as uniform on non-sport days for additional warmth.

15. Skivvies are not permitted.

Uniform Price List and Uniform Policy 2020

Uniform Shop Exchange Returns Policy 

Orders can be emailed to the uniform shop email stgeorgehsmotherscommittee@gmail.com  

Please use the order form in the link below