School Plan 2018 - 2020

The New School Planning Model

The School Excellence policy requires schools to develop:

  • A three-year school plan in consultation with their community.
  • Up to three strategic directions and associated improvement measures to form the basis of each three-year planning cycle.
  • School-determined milestones each year to assist schools to implement and monitor the school plan and track progress.

The 2018 -2020 School Plan

The school planning and reporting approach gives NSW public schools greater authority to meet the needs of their communities, to improve the quality of teaching in schools and outcomes for all students. It is highly strategic, focusing on key areas for improvement determined by the school in consultation with its community. This is to ensure a profound difference to the ongoing growth and development of the school. Schools develop a comprehensive three-year school plan that clearly reflects a school’s priorities for improvement in line with the School Excellence Framework.
The school planning process encourages engagement with the whole school community in contributing to the school’s strategic directions. An essential component of the school plan is a shared vision, aligned with the Department of Education’s priorities.

There are 5 key features which are included in the school plan. 

  • 3 strategic directions –   These are high level statements, based on self-assessment and consultation, which encapsulate the school plan and drive improvement for the next three years and into the future to bring about transformational change. School strategic directions are underpinned by the three domains of learning, teaching and leading of the School Excellence Framework and provide a strong indication of the priorities that school community members in a common goal.
  • Purpose statements - The purpose statement explains why a strategic direction was chosen as a focus. It is a statement that is aspirational but also measurable and contextual. The purpose statement must directly relate to the school vision through the strategic direction and should drive the whole plan. 
  • Practices and products - For each strategic direction, practices and products are developed to be achieved by the end of the three-year planning cycle and need to be measureable, observable and/or describable in order to facilitate monitoring and reporting. Practices and products are achieved through the implementation of the identified processes, which are monitored and evaluated through milestones. 

Practice statements identify the sustained learning, teaching and leadership behaviours that indicate achievement of the strategic directions. They articulate the necessary changed practices of students, staff and leaders as the school plan is successfully implemented and embedded in the school learning culture over three years. They also outline how parents and community members can be supported to contribute to the school’s improvement measures.

Product statements are either quantitative or qualitative things that would exist when a strategic direction is achieved. The purpose of the product is to collectively lead to the realisation of a school’s identified improvement measures.

  • People - The people statements identify the skills, knowledge, capabilities and mindsets that need to be enhanced or developed to bring about transformational change. They address capabilities the school community needs to develop to ensure that the practices and products are achieved. A school community includes students, parents/carers, teaching and non-teaching staff, leaders and community members.
  • Processes – These are the 2-3 major projects that will be implemented to achieve the improvement measure, practices and products for each strategic direction. The processes developed by the school should include whole school practices, captured through key funding initiatives and other school focus areas. They may be particular professional learning; the establishment of particular infrastructures or protocols; or a particular project. For each process identified in the school plan, a set of milestone activities will need to be developed in the ‘implementation and progress monitoring’ section of the school plan.

Please follow the link to view the new school plan for St George Girls High School for 2018 - 2020.  

2018 - 2020 SGGHS Plan