Gifted and Talented

The curriculum at St George Girls High School is differentiated to meet the needs of gifted and talented girls. Students follow an academic pattern of study which equips them for further study at university upon graduation. 99% of post school destinations are university.

Teachers are experienced in the delivery of units of work which encourage higher order thinking and students are required to demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding in their learning. Students are encouraged to see knowledge as problematic and explicit quality criteria are evident in assessment tasks. The teaching staff is highly experienced in meeting the needs of gifted and talented girls.

Apart from classroom activities and research tasks students‟ talents are fostered in a diverse range of extracurricular activities in the arts, sport, academic competitions and student leadership. Examples of opportunities to develop students‟ talents beyond the curriculum include:

  • The music tutorial program enables 170 students to access tuition in 19 performance areas. The opportunity to perform in front of an audience is provided on many occasions throughout the school year.
  • Students participate in the chess club, the Enviro Club, the debating club, the Da Vinci Decathlon and the Tournament of Minds Regional Competition.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award providing opportunities for students to achieve at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. 
  • Debating and Public Speaking
  • Dance, Drama and Music Performances and Festivals
  • Digital Competitions across the curriculum