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Careers Education at St George Girls High School

All members of the school community are encouraged to regularly visit our school’s careers home page, website and Intranet for school-related and state wide careers notices. The current newsletter can be downloaded from the SGGHS Intranet.

Career education at St George Girls High School aims to increase students’ awareness, understanding and confidence in planning for a positive future that includes further study and employment. Looking toward a period of continual change and uncertainty, it aims to equip students with the ability to assess opportunities and challenges as they arise, and to make wise decisions.

The careers program consists of developmentally appropriate information, tasks and activities for Years 10, 11 and 12.

Practical assistance is given for employment- and study-related matters such as job, course and scholarship applications, part-time jobs, time management and interview preparation.

Individual career counselling is available to senior students on request, with a formal program of counselling interviews in Year 12. Parents are encouraged to come along to an appointment with their daughter if there are matters they wish to discuss.

The Careers Centre is used for classes and seminars and is also open during recess and lunchtime. 

It houses: 

  • references for student research
  • take-away resources
  • computer for student use
  • classroom and study space
  • careers adviser’s office

Years 10

The careers adviser teaches career education lessons to Year 10 one period per week. Content includes:

  • self-awareness
  • knowledge of education and training pathways
  • understanding of occupational and employment issues
  • career research and exploration
  • decision making
  • employment seeking activities

Experiential activities include one week of work experience for all students in Term 2 and mock employment interviews in Term 4. Employment Related Skills Logbooks, UAC University Entry Requirements Year 10 Booklet and Job Guides are issued to all students to keep for use in lessons and for personal use throughout their senior years. 

Computer-assisted career guidance is part of the Year 10 program. Class activities also include preparation and assistance for senior subject choices.  

Years 11 

Students have the opportunity to participate in the voluntary work experience/shadowing program at any time that does not conflict with exams and assessment tasks. Students are encouraged to attend career related seminars and information sessions. They may also make an appointment with the careers adviser and use resources from the careers room as needed.

The school computer network is a great source of careers help, with a Careers Briefcase on the server. The Careers Briefcase contains a computer assisted guidance program developed for gifted and talented students, and links to a variety of useful careers programs and websites. 

Year 11 also has been granted access to Work Information Network (WIN), the email network of recent St George graduates. Using WIN can give our current students invaluable insight into courses and careers.

Year 12

Optional seminars are run at lunchtimes and during study periods to help students with university course selection, application procedures, scholarships, etc. Guest speakers from universities, industry groups etc. are part of the seminar program, which also includes ex-students.

Year 12 students have the opportunity to join and use Work Information Network (WIN), a database for linking current and past students with interest or experience in the same career area. 

Career counselling interviews are scheduled for all Year 12 students and are also available on request. Students are assisted with applications for employment, scholarships and cadetships, and are welcome to use careers services at any time, including the period after leaving school.

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